wordwork is the website for John and Annie Malcolm of JDM Marketing Ltd in Aberdeen, Scotland
wordwork is the website for John and Annie Malcolm of JDM Marketing Ltd in Aberdeen, Scotland

Sub-editing and proof-reading for web and print

Formal documents like annual reports and corporate brochures are required to demonstrate text accuracy and attention to detail, but there are benefits to having other business communications professionally sub-edited. 


When we edit text at wordwork, we invariably reduce the length of the document. That means better accessibility (vital for busy readers) and more digestible documents or files. Less is often more with the written word.


We also enhance clarity. You might know exactly what you want to say, but structuring a document is a specialist skill. It's easy to over-write or assume the reader shares your level of interest in the subject. Our experience allows us to re-shape a document so that key messages are clearly delivered.


Making text credible and easy to read


wordwork editing also enhances the credibility of a document. The line between confidence and hype can be a very fine one, so we ensure that business achievements are given an appropriate degree of prominence.

Accuracy in spelling and grammar is also important in holding a reader's attention. Careless text errors or typos can make the difference between a document doing its job or heading straight for the bin.


We apply equal diligence to editing print and digital documents. Most readers recognise a print typo as an unimpressive physical error, while digital publications are often treated as works in progress, to be tidied up at a future date. But webusers are only ever one brief mouse-click away from leaving a page, so the integrity of your text is still important.


At wordwork, we proof-read and edit in Word, PowerPoint and Adobe PDF formats, and, over many years, we have acquired experience in many types of business document, including:


  • Management announcements
  • Project reports
  • Safety messages
  • Award submissions
  • Tenders and pre-qualifications
  • Web content
  • Media releases
  • Job specifications
  • Recruitment ads
  • Video and A/V scripts
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Industry reports
  • Annual reports
  • Company profiles
  • CVs

View examples of our ​copywriting and editing work.






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