wordwork is the website for John and Annie Malcolm of JDM Marketing Ltd in Aberdeen, Scotland
wordwork is the website for John and Annie Malcolm of JDM Marketing Ltd in Aberdeen, Scotland

Good writing: it's just the business

By John Malcolm of wordwork


Good writing means good business. Clear, concise documents or web content produce positive business results, from stimulating an idea to committing to a purchase.

As a valuable management tool, good writing makes people more efficient and productive at what they do. For internal company communications, we facilitate:

  • Transfer and sharing of knowledge
  • Buy-in to management initiatives
  • Recognition of company successes
  • Influential profiles of key personnel

For communication with external audiences, including customers and key stakeholders, we produce:

  • Marketing overviews to demonstrate company capabilities
  • Case studies and project profiles
  • Targeted news stories and feature articles
  • Persuasive and readable web content

At wordwork, we have identified at least five specific benefits of good professional business writing:


1.  Establishing your credibility

Important documents such as annual reports, management announcements, job specifications and CVs have their credibility established by clear, accurate writing.


2.  Getting to the point

We prune and edit documents to ensure the reader’s attention is held and the message gets across. Less is often more in business writing, giving better results and reducing print/layout costs.


3.  Ticking all the right boxes

Press releases, tenders/pre-qualifications, award submissions and many other documents require professional structuring to ensure all key information is readily accessible.


4.  Engaging your reader

“Storytelling” is the core activity of content marketing, and we write case studies, project reports and thought-leadership articles with a strong narrative. Business readers are human, and respond to stories of challenges overcome and lessons learned.


5.  Getting business results

We write from a B2B marketing background, which is a solid foundation for effective business writing. That means setting goals – what do I want my reader to actually do with this information? – and visualising your target readership.


Once we really “know” your reader, we use the most effective language, tone and format to make sure they respond positively to your marketing messages.





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